【Souls of Elements】开始我们的第一个游戏 Starting Our First Game

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它是什么? What it is?


游戏信息 Game Info

制作小组:Castersoft Game Studio

What it is?

This idea came out when we were playing video games: what if you were born in a world filled with the power of the four elements? So we made a detailed setting book to describe it and support our fantasy. This is a open world game, so you can do many things that you think of. Certainly you need some imagination because it's a pixel world. We will release our game on Steam. Before releasing it, we'll keep on give you the latest info on our website, and we'll give out 2 demos(also on our website). If you support us, we might release it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, PlayStation 4.

Game Info

Type: Role-playing Game
Platform: Steam
Game Engine: Unity
Makers: Castersoft Game Studio
Expected Price: 12$
DLC Plan: No for now

  1. Dannypan

    I am looking forward to your games! i hope i can enjoy it quickly.